Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Kovy and Demers

So Kovy has stated he would like to retire in Mtl, but is now playing for the Sens. Sens fans might think this a slight on them, but quite the opposite. He will always be respected and admired in Mtl. Dude had a lot of fans here... But you bet he is gonna play well for the Sens. No big Montreal pressure, but still an intense hockey town, Kovy is gonna light it up for the Sens. Mtl is 2 hrs down the road, with only 1/2 the bullshit Mtl players have to deal with. He's gona be fine...

Ok, and Demerse a Canadian Senator? Double-u tee eff. I don't hate him as a Coach, and he's pretty good on the TV, but someone I want as a Parliamentary watchdog, no thanks. When did Demerse ever show some sort of savvy for the welfare of the populous, or a nation? I've never met the man, but his public profile certainly doesn't portray a guy with a stable head on his shoulders. He's always seemed reactionary and emotional, neither of which I want to see in my senate. I think of him as a Pierre McGuire: awesome hockey dude, tops. But Polotics ain't hockey.

Update: there seems to be some solid support for Demerse as a senator: Steve Yzerman being quoted as saying Demerse is already a great politician. That is, people who know him outside his TV personality seem to really like the guy and credit his character. So, good luck Jacques. I'll miss you on RDS.