Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Price is the new Halak

Well, I really haven't had the energy to keep up my game tweets or blog notes. Luckily the community is large enough now there are plenty of others to fill these roles :)

I would like to congratulate Carey Price, and the team, on a great season so far. There was a lot of anxiety and speculation at the start of the season on how CP would perform; and he has really answered the call.  I knock him when he's struggling, so now I'll praise him that he is succeeding. Mr. Price has found that competitive edge to his game, and really stepped it up. He looks pretty good in that net, and his team is playing well around him.

41 save shutout against Philly? Em, nice work!

On another note, I would like to tip my hat to Bob Gainey as well. He really put together a solid team; a group of players that want to win, and feed the team mentality. When I look at the strategy employed by Brian Burke in TO, versus the moves made by Bob Gainey when he 'blew up the team,' well, I'm pretty thankful! Bob Gainey also stepped out of the way; if nothing more than to prevent himself from screwing up what he put together :) And Gauthier has to be credited as well, I'm sure it wasn't all #23.  Where Burke tried to make big impact moves to spark his team, the Canadiens set a foundation, and quietly built on it with gutsy players (and they seem to have a deeper resource pool from Hamilton than Burke has in TO). Oh well, its worked the last couple years.

The Habs are a fun, fast team to watch.

Go Habs Go!