Monday, September 28, 2009

Back on the Air: Oct 1

Hey everyone!

Just a quick word to reassure my adoring fans that I will be tweeting all the games I can once again this season! With any luck, in RDS HD!

A word of warning for those that have made the wise choice to follow the @habstwit -- you will get a flood of play-by-play. I am gonna try post more summary type information, but sometimes I get all caught up and can't stop sputtering; 140 chars at a time :)

To the other tweet-a-holics, I'll see you online!

I haven't made any comments or predictions about this year's team. I absolutely have no idea how they are gonna do -- some guys have looked really good in preseason. Some players look refreshed, reset... but so much change means its going to be difficult to have any real chemistry. And judging how I drafted my fantasy hockey team, I know nothing about the sport.

Well, let's watch some hockey!