Friday, December 4, 2009

Sums it up nicely

This is a great article by Mike Boone ...About Last Night (Sabres win 6-2).

It pretty much sums up what I have been seeing all year -- and what I keep waiting for the Habs to break out of. This disorganized, predictable, sluggish play that a pee-wee coach with a wiki page on How To Coach Hockey could break down.

I keep waiting for the Habs to find a way to use all that talent, young and free agent, and start really playing dangerous. But its not happening. And it won't happen. Not this year.

None of the players have confidence in each other, except Gomez and Gionta, who only pass to one-another. As a result, wingers get caught out of position; head man passes don't happen; no one takes any risks, and the players don't know when to back each other up in the corners, and when to get into open space for a pass.

We aren't in year 7 of a 5-year rebuilding plan. We are in year ZERO of a new 4-yr plan. Except for Gomez, who we are stuck with forever, because there is no way a GM is gonna make the same mistake a second time. Gainey was hoping a change of scenery and old teammates would ignite Gomez into the $7M player he should be. It hasn't.

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