Thursday, January 7, 2010

Almost back online!

Apologies to everyone for being offline for so long - the new baby is here and cute and healthy. Mom is recovering well, and our oldest is stoked to have a new brother. I am still getting used to juggling 2 kids - but I hope to be back a-tweeting games soon!

Some random thoughts from over the hiatus:

World Juniors
It was a pretty fun tournament, but Canada was in a pretty light division - so we didn't get to see a lot of Russia and Sweden and Finland. The New Years Eve match between Canada and the US was pretty dang exciting, and Canada were lucky to win; the gold medal match was even crazier - and just about the perfect hockey game - the incredible heroics in the last 3 minutes really made the loss seem irrelevant. I mean, I'm sad we lost, but to come back like that was way more memorable then the outcome. And (shoot me for saying so) I think Team USA was the more talented bunch - so they deserved their victory. That's not to say Canada wasn't talented, obviously they were, but it seemed to me that the US was a little faster, and a little more flashy. Anyhow, it was really close either way.

And I was introduced (through the miracle of Television) to Habs no. 2 draft pick, Kristo. What a player he is!

Les Canadiens
I thought Halak was starting to look really tired, and was frustrated that Martin was sticking with him. Of course then Price got in there and went 1-2 (including the game v. Washington) so what do I know. I really really like the way the lines are stacked right now (it would be nice to get AK47 back for sure.) I am almost amazed when we lose; I think we have 4 perfect forward lines, all of them capable of being dangerous, and I would like to see them generate some success before Martin flips like the proverbial fast-food hamburger he is. I know I'm stuck with Martin for 3+ years, and he brings a stabalizing presence behind the bench, but I still don't have to like him.

Around the NHL
The Winter Classic was a pretty fun game, despite the score. And I continue to suck in my hockey pool, as every player I pick up to replace a failing member turns to ash. My Death Touch has single handedly ruined the promising career of so many this season, I really should send out flowers to these players: Mark Streit, Steve Mason, Anze Kopitar, Alec Kotalik, Matt Carle, and oh the so many others...

Happy 2010 all, and I hope to see you in the twitter-verse very soon!

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