Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canada Avoids Relegation!

They have now earned the right to once again play in the A-league!

All joking aside, I thought this was a very positive game for Canada. There were some mistakes, to be sure, but there was a lot of good as well. Crosby/Staal/Iginla have got some mojo, the Sharks continue to click, and Nash and Toews are really gonna make a difference. Pronger and Bergeron find themselves with Brodeur on the outside looking in, but it shouldn't bother any of them. They need to be ready to help out when called on, and motivate the team.

It was a shame that Getzlaf and Perry can't seem to find their groove - perhaps Morrow and Richards have earned some more icetime, but its hard to say what's gonna happen game to game.

I applaud Team Canada for at least showing the poise to come out strong and fight though their troubles. Now Hopefully they won't need a period to warm up and hit the net vs. the Russians. The Russians are fearful, but I give Team Canada even money - it should be a great (but tense) game. I won't even try to suggest what Canada needs to do to win -- it just seems like such a big game, to try and even talk about it unless you are Scotty Bowman you'd sound like an idiot.

On Shea Weber's goal: the puck was going so fast it not only went through the mesh, it went through without splitting the mesh. This means that the puck's molecular composition was literally compromised; it passed through Time itself! It went to PLAD, man!!

On Nash not getting his penalty shot: it would have been nice to see Nash get the shot, but I completely understand Babcock going to Crosby. Crosby is being looked to to lead this team offensively. He will be called upon in every shootout situation, and looked to for big goals. This was exposure to a pressure situation to set the expectations.  Crosby missed today - but he'll be even more ready tomorrow. In the end, it was a good coaching move.

Go Canada Go! You have eaten a lot of crap this tournament, you deserve some success!

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