Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Canadiens v. Penguins Tonight

After yesterday's exciting win over the Blue Jackets, my expectations have been raised! And perhaps unfairly.

The Canadiens really put the pedal to the floor on their 4 cylinder Toyota Tercel yesterday, and were able to wrestle out a victory from a Columbus team that, by the end, really started to show its wear from their previous game on Monday. And now its Montreal's turn to perhaps fade away...

Although the defensive core is starting to recover, it is now the forward's turn to take a injury snack break. 2/3 of The Talent is out (the GGs) and now Andrei Kostitsyn is out . We have called up another minor leaguer, who has no NHL experience, to play against the Stanley Cup champs.

Anything can happen in the game of hockey, and Martin is gonna play a tired goalie (who admittedly is doing pretty good right now) and rely on the mighty Thomas Plekanec to head his offence! Sometimes you can get lucky and catch a team napping -- but I'm pretty sure Pittsburgh will be ready to feast on the limping turkey-bird that is the Montreal Canadiens.

I hope for another exciting game, with Laps and SK74 and the rest really picking it up and playing at the hectic pace they did yesterday. But with a forward core of mostly 4th liners and rookies... against the Stanley Cup champs and 2 stars from the Quebec leagues (Fleury and Crosby) it is gonna have to be a Thanksgiving miracle for the Habs to pull this one out. Anyone have a wishbone handy?

For those about to get shelled, I salute you!!

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