Wednesday, December 2, 2009

There are bad days, and Bad Days

It's been a pretty grumpy day for me. The loss last night has me contemplating why I bother being such a die hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens. Then I learn that Jay Leach was yoinked off re-entry waivers, and is no longer with the franchise (which is too bad, because I thought he was a good depth player. Turns out the sharks did too. Oh well, he's a journeyman...)

Then I could have been Kyle Chipchura- traded to Anaheim for a fourh round pick in 2011. That is really just an insult. I know Chips wasn't exactly lighting it up- but geez man, I wonder if Anaheim got future considerations also. This is Gainey saying: get this -10 player off my team, we'll take anything!

Yesterday's loss was a mess. Gomez comes back, and rather then elevating the team's play, drags it down. Pleks, Cami were non existant, unlike their last 5 games where they played inspired. Maybe they were tired. Ok. Too bad you have 60 more games to play. Price was playing like a rattled bag of bones.

So much for giving Pleks first line duty to reward his stellar play. So much for giving Gomez a break so he could come back roaring and find his groove. So much for Price having a competitive atitude and becoming an all-star goalie. Last night was a complete regression to ... I dunno, not even the preseason was that bad.

Gainey was so pissed he jettisonned Chipchura into space. (although he was probably traded just before the game, which contributed to his benching.)

Why can't this team put back-to-back solid efforts together? Why can't this team play 40 minutes of hockey, let alone 60! And why the Hell am I still waiting for something to happen with this bunch of misfits?

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  1. I believe the Habs have 55 games left this year :) Not thinking playoffs are you after last night ...

    This is your comeuppance for the Leaf Blower comment!