Sunday, January 17, 2010

Terrible weekend!

Man, what a bad week for the Habs, and an abysmal weekend. Although they did manage a win against Dallas, they lost 3 "two-point" games (conference) against New Jersey, Ottawa, and the Rangers. And through the week, they just kept getting worse.

The NJ game they had a great game and were unlucky in overtime. Price shook off a terrible start to win the game against Dallas, and came out stinky against Ottawa. Halak looked equally shaky, and was the victim of terrible defensive play - odd man rushes, d-men getting out muscled and out-played.

I made the comment that Gainey paid for leadership and competitive attitude this summer: getting Stanley Cup winners and big goal scorers. Well, when the pressure was on in Ottawa, the Habs were a no-show. And things absolutely collapsed in New York.

Sad to see. When the Habs lose, its because they play a bad, disorganised, disheartened game. When the Leafs lose, its not for the lack of trying - the Leafs usually out shoot their opponents, put lots of pressure on, and make an exciting game (they just can't keep the puck out of their net.) But the Leafs show up almost every night -- if the Habs showed up every night, we probably wouldn't be once again slogging it out for scraps at the playoff table.

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  1. Wow, compliments for the Leafs??? Things must be pretty grim in Montreal!

    Nice start tonight haha :)

    Seems to me a couple years back in the pub, there would be nothing complimentary coming out of your mouth about the Leafs ... maybe it was the beer. Fatherhood is making you soft ;)