Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Halak is the Real Deal

When it came to the Price vs. Halak debate, I have mostly been on the side of Price. I loved the way he played in 2007/2008, and I think he's got the talent and the size to be awesome. I still hope he can find his game and become a top tier goalie.

But this is about Halak!

Halak has done what backups tend to do - take a chance to make good, and go with it. Halak has gone from an immature puck-stop to a fully-qualified goalie! Right now he is composed, reactive, and prep'd. He is playing the best hockey I have seen him play. His rebound control has gotten better, and the team obviously responds to him (ref: comeback victory over Anaheim.)

Halak has "gone pro" whereas Price is still struggling. As a result I hope we ride Halak all the way to the playoffs. After that, well, its anybody's guess :)

Congrats Mr. Jaroslav Halak! Hats off! You have matured and come into your own, and opposition better take note! The Montreal Canadiens Win With Halak!!

And Price, well, hopefully he's ready when called on. He's had some tough luck, but that's why the puck is round: what goes around, comes around, and he will get a chance to prove himself again soon.

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