Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stretch Run

Just a quick post to acknowledge that the Habs really stepped up for the stretch run. I was particularly impressed with Gomez, who, after a pretty mediocre start, really stepped up his play.

It helps also that the team is playing as a group, and that everyone is on board. The CBC had some really great words about how well the Habs have been playing as a team, before going off on their Blue-and-White love in (I finished the game on RDS).

But yes, Gomez and Gionta, not to mention Sergei and Darche, amoung others, are really stepping it up. Defensively the team seems solid, and I have confidence in all those guys. I mean, I think Hammrlik and Spazzchek are our worst pair, and that's not a bad pair in the big scheme of things.

And Halak has been playing great. I mean, when Glenn Healy was complementing him on his stoic play, rebound control, and controlled style, it confirmed 2 things: 1) Halak is really in a good place, and 2) Healy is an idiot. (There were a couple Halak attacks last night, just so you knew who was in net.)

They lost to the Leafs in overtime, but the Leafs were playing a really tough game. The Habs looked kinda slow and un-coordinated on the offense, but defensively they held it together. Proof that things are going well is seeing all of Gomez' crazy back passes actually finding players :)

Yesterday's "Loss" was not really that bad -- they got a point against a really aggressive opponent, and can now move on to other fish. I say keep everything the same: no line juggling, and Halak should stay in net until he loses the job -- why break up a good thing? (I knew the Habs were not gonna win when Jacques started juggling his lines around. Its a sign of weakness.)

Go Habs Go! Go Halak Go! Keep playing as a team, les boys, and something special might happen in the post-season!

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