Friday, April 9, 2010

1 Game Left, 1 Point Needed

All the Montreal Canadiens had to secure their spot in the Playoffs was get 1 win (2 pts) in their last 3 games; games against basement dwelling teams. 3 games against opponents who have nothing to play for except pride. 3 teams who would come out hard to try and play spoiler, but would fold like a house of cards if they were put down early.

So far they have only gotten 1 of their points; in a pathetic shootout loss to the Islanders.

Instead of coming out smoldering for redemption last night, they once again come out like scared little rabbits, and once again Cam Ward and Eric Staal (and Chad LaRose) slapped around the Habs like they are a midget hockey team. Carolina made the Habs look stupid last night.

One game left, against the Maple Leafs. We know this story; Maple Leafs out of the playoffs control the destiny of the Canadiens playoff hopes. And the Leafs usually come out the better.

History has these 2 teams deadlocked, with some ridiculous number of their 7 games a season ending up tied. If history plays out, then the Canadiens will get their 1 point and get into the playoffs. Otherwise, they had better hope that Rangers / Philly don't get 3 points each in their home-and-home.

The Canadiens are playing like a frightened cub-scout troup ... "squeezing the stick" as they say. Gomez is playing like a Grade 'A' arsehole, with terrible panicked passing plays that usually end up in breaks for the other team. Cammi can't find his shot, ... oh what's the point: except for a few bright spots the entire team is stinking it up. Showing us why they are in the spot they are in; all year struggling for a spot in the playoffs.

I don't even want to see these jokers in the playoffs - same as last year. What's the point? Why suffer the embarrassment of having a first round exit against a team who is going to take the playoffs seriously? Habs aren't gonna take it seriously. It will be like watching a contender fight a clown in big poke-a-dot pantaloons.

Saturday should be fun. I hope Carey Price gets the start, just because I like watching the kid play. And since the chances of Rangers/Philly each getting 3 points is slim, I hope Carey gets the win and gets a shot in the playoffs; maybe he'll finally take things seriously and we can get an interesting post season.

Man, it is going to be a long 4 years with this current team configuration.

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