Monday, May 3, 2010

Now That's... Hockey?

The Canadiens continue to impress/frustrate in these playoffs. I'm getting phone calls at home from friends calling to 'congratulate' me on the win (like I had anything to do with it...) and talking about how they are starting to get on the Habs bandwagon. These are guys who are excited for the underdog, like watching the super-stars get frustrated, and are enjoying the excitement of watching Les Boys hang on by their fingernails for unlikely victories.

Then I am getting angry emails and and text messages from (ex?) friends (just kidding) who enjoyed watching Washington get ousted, but are now frustrated that the Gong Show that is Le Bleu Blanc Rouge is getting away with this against another big-time contender. They wanted to see the best teams compete, not some wet blanket "fromage" their way forward.

I gotta admit, these games are exciting for a Habs fan to watch! I'm enjoying the tension, the effort from my underdogs, the great performances by guys like Cammi and Gill and Gorges and Sabban and the others who are making this all work... but I am also fully aware that what I am watching is not exactly great hockey as they say. I mean, in Sunday's win, I started cheering every time the Habs cleared the blue line -- because it seems that's all they wanted to do.

I also have no illusions. The Canadiens have not gotten out of the second round in 17 years. Pittsburgh is the NHL's golden child, and the refs will not put up with these shenanigans much more. Habs will just start getting penalties called against them until the Pens win. This is why I hate the Penguins so damn much -- but it doesn't matter. Pittsburgh has to much talent and too many expectations from the League head office to fail. And besides, this style of game is really hard on the goalies and defence... how long can they last?

But until that happens, I yell a big GO HABS GO! And am pulling for them all the way... play hard, stay mean, and make Pittsburgh pay for every inch lads! Your fans are behind you!!

And besides, the playoffs aren't official until Boston and Montreal have a series... right?

Lest go les boys!! 

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