Thursday, October 15, 2009

Avs Take Home Openner (didn't deserve it)

Habs score all but 1 goal, lose 3-2. There were good shifts by all the lines, and the Avs let them be good as they played a quiet, reluctant game. The Avs were ripe for the picking. So what happened?

Quite simply, and its no secret: no finish.

The Talent (Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri) had some great plays ... some sweet 1-time passing plays, opening up the Avs and getting some blistering shots off. Although Anderson was stingy with the rebounds, there were plenty of back-door plays that just didn't connect -- either ended in a misfire, or a complete miss.

Martin tried playing Moen on the first line; but someone forgot to tell him he wasn't there for his looks, he was there to make some room. He didn't throw any offensive zone hits until he was put back on the 4th line! I think he could be effective up there, but he has to get aggressive and make sure the little guys get room.

Another thing that was still painful to watch was a lot of defensive plays were made with players bent at the waist swinging their stick, instead of taking the body. Except for Belle ... which brings us to Belle...

Belle had a good first game. Yes, he got the second Avs goal off his skate, but he also was very good at taking the puck off the Avs forwards, and breaking out of the zone. He was fun to watch, and hard to play against. He was obviously excited out there, which was good and bad. He got caught watching his own shots a few times, and went for big hits which took him out of position -- so he's lucky he had his legs with him to skate hard to catch up. I think Belle played better than Spacek; and I'd like to see him again.

Gorges and Price stood out also -- both played like elite players, fitting in with the new look of the team. Plekanec had a great game, and AK46 was out there working hard - hopefully he can start connecting.

And that's what it boils down to. Although its fun to watch a fast paced play with lots of puck movement, ultimately we want some finish. Some goals. Some wins.

The only games we have won so far are games in which Moen has scored -- what does that tell you? It tells me that LaTender, Lapierre, D'Ags, Pacs, have got to start getting a bit greasy, a little ugly, and start using their size to get some goals. Its a team game, and everyone has got to be doing their part.

See you Saturday fans.

Update: I just watched the replay of the winning Avs goal; it was Belle that left the front of the net to make a hit after Gomez got pounded. He left the front of the net wide open. Costly mistakes. He ended -2, Spacek was a Zero ;)

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