Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Happenned to the Habs Twit?

I'm sorry I haven't been very reliable this year, everyone. This week, for example, I have missed all the games. I haven't been posting game previews or recaps, and I am not putting as much thought into what is getting posted (it feels rushed).

Life has become quite busy, in a positive way, and I'm just not getting the time I once took to watch the games. Work, for example, doesn't afford me the spare time it once did :)

I will try and be more reliable, because I do want to be a source for game play-by-play for those who can't stream, and want more detail then the Yahoo! Box score reports.

Tonight is Halllowe'en, and I have to take the kid out around the neighbourhood, and then feed the hordes of children coming to the door. I'm not sure I'll get online until the 3rd period.

Anyhow, I will continue to try my best to get on for the games, and I am confident that the vibrant and entertaining #habs #gohabsgo twitter community provides enough presence so that fans still have an excellent source of play-by-play info during the game.

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