Thursday, October 8, 2009

West Coast Pain Continues

Last year, the western road trip broke Carey Price, and the rest of the team -- something like 12 goals in 2 games, a desperate win in Dallas, and then Carbo was fired. Jose Theodore got broke the same way, and was later traded by Gainey because he never recovered.

Well, new team - new rituals - new play... 11 GAA in 2 games. Granted, the loss in Calgary was actually a really entertaining, close game. And perhaps a little justice in losing a game like that after stealing 2 points in Toronto and Buffalo. But getting crushed by Vancouver... again?!?

I only saw (some) of the highlights, and I gotta say not all of the goals were Price's fault (of course not). But my problem is this: where is Jacques new system? Did he not know that GM Place is a bad place for the Habs? Did he not scout the Canucks well enough?

You know Vigneault was ready. You know Vancouver is desperate for a win. You know Luongo is gonna be on. It was a high paced energetic game in Calgary... Jacques has to have his team prepped. Vancouver, although stoked for the win, was fragile. Frustrate them early and keep it close, Vancouver might just flop on itself...

Ah who knows. I'm frustrated. I'm sick of getting spanked out west, and having the team shredded. I'm sure the Habs will recover this time, but still. I think next year the Habs go out west I'll cut my cable or something so I don't have to watch.

And really, I'm waiting to see something from Jacques, beside his "play my best players the most" technique, which he learned from Pat Quinn. No way Jacques has lost the room so early on, so let's see some damn coaching.

Price will be fine, so long as he keeps playing like he has in his first few games.

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  1. I've been wanting to see a more successful "new tighter defensive system".... with less shots on goal.

    They actually faired well on Tuesday shooting 30 and allowing 28 against the Flames...

    Last night they shot 28... which is a bit of a deception... because they only managed 4 in the 1st period.

    They allowed 35 shots on goal (14 in both the 1st and 3rd period).

    I'd be content if they could both average 30 shots per game and allow 30... I would ask for better, but at this point with Markov and O'Byrne, it would be asking a bit much. I think.

    On to Saturday.... to face old leaf rival Pat Quinn and former Hab Sourray in Oil country.