Friday, May 15, 2009

It Went from Glorious to Stinksville in 2 days...

With the Bruins loss last night, my playoff hopes have been completely crushed.

First, I only got close on one of my predictions, Wings in 6. I predicted Pens in 5, but the others I was wrong.

I was really hoping for a resurgent Bruins to get to the final. After they slapped around everyone during the regular season, and the addition of my wonder-boy Mark Recchi (playing with kidney stones? Amazing!) the Bruins were certainly my team, after spanking the Canadiens. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Anyhow, I knew there needed to be some upset; and had Anaheim made it through and not Carolina it would have been fine. But the way things are currently set, we are looking at another Pens / Wings matchup -- and I didn't even care about the first one.

OOooo, look at us, we're so talented and organized and everyone is oh so special and we play as a unit and are oh so good we leave little to chance... Stuff it.

In addition, did anyone else see the NHL Center Ice commercial where the loser Pens fan makes his own seat behind home made boards, because he's too much of a loser to go to a bar? They show all these highlights of him cheering the Pens over the Wings ... Detroit won you numb nuts! They are the better team!

Ooo, I'm kinda all over the place here.

All Im saying is the playoffs, to date, have been amazing. But the remaining series certainly don't intrigue like the last round. If I had to pick one: I hope Chicago wins it all. Any other result would be... mundane.

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  1. know how I feel about the rounds. I'm hoping for the Hawks/Wings series to keep me interested =)