Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where is your Messiah now?

For at least Mike Boone can recognise it... but in the last couple days all the big heroes in the playoffs have fallen flat. Mike live-blogged:

Our beloved team, as currently constituted, just cannot compete at this level.
And this comment upset me. Its exactly the kind of over reaction that drives quality talent away, has us firing coaches faster than Donald Trump, and gets the fans all riled up.

So, we should have dumped Lapierre for Steckle? Kovalev for Whitney? Varlamov for Price? Boone wanted Antropov as a big centre -- until he saw him play a game in a NYR jersey, then that love story ended. Sure, teams like Detroit and Vancouver have some killer talent -- but I seem to remember our currently constituted Habs beating Detroit and splitting with Vancouver.

The point is that, on paper, we have a competitive, if not excellent, team. Fire-saling it now for Umberger, Steckle, Fedetenko and the Juicey Jokinnen wouldn't achieve anything!

The Montreal Canadiens can compete at this level. It starts with coaching, and ends with teamwork. Dissension in the dressing room is what killed this team, and a crushing sense of guilt and shame for not delivering success in the 100th season.

Anyhow, I like Mike Boone, and as I mentioned above he did recognise that even the best players are capable to stinking it up worse than anything we saw in Blue-Blanc-Rouge this year. Thomas chocked, Varlamov had a soft glove, Hiller got ripped apart, Sundin hasn't scored... plenty of stories which, if in Montreal, would be magnified 1000 fold.

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