Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Belfour for Goalie Coach!

With Rollie gone, I was sitting here enjoying my lunch of 4 day old pizza trying to think who would be a good fit...

Looking within the Organization, the last successful goalie was Roy -- he won't take a head coach position, so no way he'll be a goalie coach. Then it was Thilbault, Mooge, Hacket, Theodore, Huet, and ... did I miss anyone?

Hackett I think is in Chicago, he's not a bad choice. Mooge would be a good selection, but he's in Boston. No one else is necessarily suitable, so lets think outside the Montreal box, shall we?

We need a goalie coach who played a solid positioning game, knows how to play in the playoffs, and is available...

Oh My God, Ed Belfour.

This would be a great fit for Price. Although Eddie is a complete drunken goofball (sometimes) his style of play and mental game are similar to that of Price. Belfour studied directly under Tretiak, and of course Bob Gainey had him in Dallas... when they won the cup. Come on! Its a perfect fit!

Never wanting to give HHCIB any ammunition (or acknowledge the fact he might know something about hockey -- Ed Belfour was his favourite player) But I have to admit Eddy would be a great influence for Price -- on the ice.

Bring in the Eagle!


  1. Fantastic suggestion sir! I applaud you! Bout time Belfour was brought back into the NHL, this move could only end well for everyone involved :) Pretty sure Belfour could avoid the various temptations that are available in Montreal and do a great job as goalie coach :)

  2. Eddie the Eagle! Eh, why not. But last I heard he was playing in Europe.

  3. Yeah, he's playing in the Swedish Elite League. Or was last year. This means he still has passion for the game! And I'm sure we could make it worth his while :)