Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sedins? Oh No...

Although I stand by my last article about Gainey and his plans, this report from the Gazette made me feel very sad.

The Sedins? Why why why? I don't like these twins. They do have an uncanny ability to find eachother on the ice, and they can break a game open with a timely goal. But the fact they are inseperable clones I find very disturbing. They need to play together. They need the same money. They need to be traded together. They need to room together and eat together and play cards together and make love together. (ew, sorry about that last one.) What kind of special treatment bullshit is that? Its like they are their own sub-team on a team -- never individually accountable for suckitude or success. The coach will be handcuffed with special teams options, and even handicapped in picking a third member for their line (unless they clone another one.) We already have the Brothers K, anyone not blood related on the team is gonna start t really feel left out.

I'd prefer we spend the money on one big name than even bigger money on these 2 names. They freak me out man, make me unconfortable. Like a kid riding a bike down a hotel hallway alone, or flying a kite in the rain, I just find them unsettling.

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  1. We should've kidnapped Mikko Koivu and offered a contract to Koivu instead of trying to land those creepy twins....