Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling Good About Gainey

For some strange reason, I am feeling really good about Bob Gainey rebuilding the Habs. With his recent moves, and his 'shrewd' planning of having the entire team as an FA, its like he's acting as a new GM would.

Most importantly, he seems committed to not sticking to his past. He tried to build a championship team over the last five years (or eight? I forget...) years. He got the team a sniper: he kept the heart-and-soul captain: he built through the draft: he tried for a super-talented rookie goalie: he recognised top talent and tried to acquire it. He hired his hockey friends into important positions, because he could trust them.

Well, that didn't really work. Although the team had some success, (one season) it was unable to become a hockey player's choice destination, like Detroit, Pittsburgh, San Jose, whatever. Some young talent worked out, others have struggled. So be it.

Gainey had his plan to rebuild this year regardless. Probably the only thing he regrets is having to let Carbo go. (Jarvis, although his friend, is not a defenceman -- and everyone knows that, so it was probably no big surprise.)

Anyhow, because of the recent moves to change the bench, I have great confidence that Gainey is gonna put together a good team next year. He will take the best options available to him, and that might involve some existing pieces, or it might involve some new pieces. Whatever he is gonna do, he certainly isn't going to show any undeserved loyalty.

If Koivu ends up in Minnisota like everyone says, I will be sad to see him go. But he'll probably score 30 goals, and have a career year. So screw him ;) If he can't land Komisarek, then he'll use someone else. If he can't get Lecavellier, Hossa, Heatly, or Gaborik, then you know it will not be for lack of trying.

Gainey, for all his foibles, knows hockey. He knows you need good players to be competitive, and he knows you need tough defence, skilled forwards, and big shooters. He'll make a good team. He is also good with cash: he won't risk the financials of the team unnecessarily, and is willing to be out-bid.

In Bob we trust. I can't wait for the picture to start revealing itself.


  1. Sounds to me like he'll try real hard but be beat out by all the big spenders and be left with a team that tries hard but falls short :) Could be a rough offseason for the Habs ... they can battle the Leafs for 9th :)

  2. That is certainly a big possibility. Since players aren't really interested in coming to Montreal, and the price can be quite steep for the players on the trading block, Gainey could most certainly end up with a team very similar to what he had. 9th it is.