Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Follow Up: Belfour as Goalie Coach

So I am still all for this idea, the Eagle training up the Price-burg into the ultimate positioning goalie and competitor...

And with this news that Chelios is done in Detroit, and Jarvis gone, well... its another perfect fit!

Gainey I'm sure would love to bring in another ex-teammate (did they play together?) and champion to beef up his coaching staff. With Chelios' work ethic, he can whip all them defenceman into shape. With his emotion and leadership, he can surely spark a sense of pride and accountability in the young defensive core.

Chelios and Eddie were good friends in Chicago; reading to school children, attending Sunday service and teaching the values of chastity and sobriety... oh, wait. Scratch that.

If Martin is a snore-fest at press conferences, imagine the kind of bafoonery that these two would generate! Never mind Tommy K getting arrested in Florida, after 2 months of these 2 together, I'm sure most of the team would be wanted by the FBI!!

Ok, its true neither player has officially retired yet. A small technicality. But if Gainey really wants to get some buzz for next year, he's gotta take advantage of this one.

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  1. They should really try to 'one-up' the Centennial year, and having these two as 'coaches' would be awesome! I'm all for this suggestion, still think your a genius for wanting to bring Eddie in. This would just add to that!