Saturday, October 3, 2009

Markov Gone 4 months: the purge is complete

Well, certainly not part of Gainey's design, but the 2008/2009 Montreal Canadiens are almost certainly wiped clean off the roster now. All the stars from years past are no longer playing, and Mighty Markov was the last to go. Whereas I called the 2007/08 team "a bunch of rookies and Russians," I now call the team "a bunch of rookies and I don't even know what."

All the "star" and favorite players from last year are gone, except Carey Price, and I'm watching a bunch of players I barely know.

So, are we ruined? Doomed? No Markov, fold up shop and go home?


Whereas Lang's injury was crucial last year (it poked the hole in the balloon, which just took some time to burst) it came at a vital time in the season: the post all-star playoff rush.

Markov's injury is no less severe: but its not as bad a blow. He will be back in January/February, providing they don't rush him, and will be a huge bonus to the team. Like Sergei Gonchar was for the Pens. This also provides valuable development time for the (as mentioned before) completely disjoint team to gel. Spacek and Mara or whoever are going to have to figure out how to make the power play work. Hamerlik is going to have to learn to play like a first line D-man again. This vacuum of talent that Markov leaves is not a bad thing, this early.

If the Habs can stay .500 until January, allow some of the new acquisitions to start to grow into their colours (Blue Blanc Rouge!) and work together as a team, then when Markov comes back, the team will be in great shape.

Markov -- I love you, I'll miss you, and I can't wait to get you back. But really, there is no better learning ground for this crappy defence core to figure itself out then to lose their top guy.

I still wish Markov was playing: I'm not a complete Ridiculous! But where last year we saw Max Laps and Gui-LaTender really step up as the rest of the team faltered, so now is a chance for all our new defencemen to get into this team.

Good luck lads, you'll need it!


  1. Great article.

    I think that this might also be an opportunity for a guy like Josh Gorges... he might be seeing a bit more ice with Markov out.

    Markov... I'll be missing you too!!

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah, it'd be nice to see if Gorges can grow into a first/second line D position. He seems more versatile then some of the new Habs D guys