Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Higgins for Gomez. Sob.

I had to re-write this post. Initially I was grudgingly accepting of this trade. Then I looked at Gomez's numbers. Then I remembered how stupid I thought the NYR were for paying him all that money. I thought about how bad I would mock my pals if the Leafs made this move.

This is terrible. I really like Higgins. I would have pegged him as a cornerstone of the rebuilding Canadiens. I know he didn't have big numbers, but when he was playing well, he had an uncanny ability to have the puck stick to him: whether working in the corners or killing a penalty. Higgins was my favorite Hab -- he even wore my number (which was Carbo's number).

And we got a player who has only broken the 20 goal mark once in his career? Sure, he was on Stanley Cup winning teams -- but he was not the reason they won. He was surrounded by a winning team. He may have been a good second line center for NJ, but so is Trevor Zajac.

Gainey needed a big-time player to draw in other top talent. He needed to convince other players in the league the Canadiens are gonna be a serious hockey club and a competitive one. Gomez is not that guy. Players didn't flock to NY to play with him, and if he really is the 1st line center on our Habs, then its gonna be a laugh of a season.

Damnit. This is starting to suck. I sure hope Bob has other tricks up his sleeve, and Gomez ends up beng a "nice to have" instead of "all we have".

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