Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Hangover...

July 2nd, 8am,

The Molson family cabin, somewhere in Northern Quebec.

The brothers awake after a wild Canada Day weekend cottage party.

Andrew: Whoa, some party last night, eh?
Geoff: Yeah, I can't believe I drank the whole thing.
Justin: I can't believe I proposed to a racoon...
Andrew: well, it was a big racoon...
Justin: No kidding. It clawed the Hell outta my face.
Andrew: you weren't wearing any pants...
Geoff: Man I'm starved. Who wants eggs?
Andrew: Hey, didn't something important happen yesterday?
Geoff: Oh yeah! We own the Canadiens again!
Justin: Oh crap! And it was the first day of free agency!! Dudes, we totally missed it!
Andrew: shit shit shit.. omygod... who did we leave in charge?
Geoff: Bob Gainey...


Justin: pfff, no problem!
Geoff: Bob? Genius! We'll be fine.
Andrew: you're right your right... I dunno why I was freaking out. Good Ol' Bob. Everything will be fine.
Justin: Man, I can't wait to see who we got. With Higgins and Komisarek, bring in Gaborik to help out with the scoring...
Geoff: or finally get that Tampa deal done. That'd be sweet.
Andrew: for sure.
Justin: cool. So what happened to those eggs?



  1. I still think Gainey and Sather changed brains...

  2. Maybe, but then they switched back. Gainey started signing midgets again, and Sather went and got Gaborik.