Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Travis Moen in, Tommy K out

This one is really a woopidy-doo.

Travis Moen brings his grit, energy and character play to bolster our third/fourth line and penalty kill. He has more hits than Mara, and is a big-fat-minus player. But he actually should do a nice job filling that role. I look forward to him mucking it up with the toughies on the other teams.

Tommy-K leaves us to go to Carolina. I have no feelings for this move. Tommy-K was supposed to be like Begin, but either his conditioning or his heart failed him by the end of last season. He wasn't hitting as much, he wasn't physical with the other team, he wasn't fighting, and he wasn't really able to help out Guillaume and Maxime Lapierre. I still think he is a good teammate to have, and he always played with energy. I mean, who, at the end of last season, really played their all?

So long Tommy-K, I think you'll fit in really well in Carolina, and wish you some success. Carolina has been a much more succesful post-season club in recent years than the CH.

And it really is a shame about Tanguay. He'd be a great fit for the Habs this year I think, but his price tag is just too high. The Gazette is wondering how someone who cost us so much can now be looking for work, and the answer is simple: Tanguay is an expensive player, prone to injury, who is a great setup man. Teams that have snipers who need "the pass" are already set up, for the most part, so Tanguay's role is just not required. Talks of him in Phoenix or Miami make sense -- he will naturally boost any offensive unit -- but contenders have spent their money, and already formed their killer offense.

I wish we could keep him. Wherever he lands he'll be a pleasure to watch.

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