Monday, July 6, 2009

New Coaches

TSN is all about the Canadiens today, which is kinda nice to see. This story isn't exactly earth shattering, but does introduce our new coaches.

Looks like they once again did not take my advice and get Eddie as goal tending coach, or Chelios as Defensive Specialist. Its almost like they don't even read this blog! Come on!

Anyhow, it mentions how Groulx is basically Martin's main man, so this is no surprise. Groulx worked with Vokoun and Luongo, and these are good goalies, so there is hope for Price. Florida has had strong goal tending in the last few years; always a sneaker pick in hockey pools if you can get them. They might not win a lot, but their numbers are good. Hopefully Price can find his groove.

Pearn sounds like a coach with lots of experience, which is good. He can get the 'Money' players to stay on track, and maybe he already has a raport with Gomez. There are some pretty serious dudes behind the bench in Montreal now; lets see if they can get the team to get into a system and perform early. Otherwise, yikes!!

Anyhow, a few roster spots left to fill and we'll get an idea of what our team looks like.

If Tanguay / Lang are coming back, look for it to be at the end of the summer. They'll get signed somewhere, but they will really be after teams have gotten their RFAs signed, and need to stuff a few holes.

And it looks like Koivu will not be Captain (even if by some miracle he does come back.) Insert conspiracy theory about how 'no one can wear the C longer than Beliveau' here.

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