Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Trashing Continues

The Big Booner posted another story about other people's news stories, echoing the concerns a lot of sports writers have over the new-look Canadiens. The article is here.

I can't say any of these reporters are wrong. Like Boone, I respect McGuire. I can't disagree that Gainey's moves don't necessarily seem like an improvement.

The Habs got 3 small forwards; the Leafs got large punishing defence and checkers. The Habs got Gill, who is tall -- but hardly as good as Zdeno Chara. Kovalev went down the street, to fill out their already dangerous, if not inconsistent, offence. The Sens also have Pascal LeClaire, who could be awesome (if he retains the form he had a couple years ago.) Boston still has its core that made them no.1 last year, and Buffalo, with a healthy Miller is gonna be pretty good too.

So, are the Habs doomed? Its gonna be a killer division, and there is not a lot of confidence in the new changes.

Everyone is (still) upset because, as I mentioned before, its not what most fans wanted. Or expected. And there is still no Vincent Lecavellier. And what most people had on paper as their dream Habs team is now totally in the trash (see my post with my picks.)

So that's right McGuire, TSN, Gazette, La Presse, CNN, The Weekly World News, and Sesame Street, its not what you would have done. Because you aren't the GM. Only Gainey is the GM. He has a plan. He has a theory. Its different than (granted, a lot) people expected. It might completely fail. It might be brilliant. It will probalby be just Ok.

But lets give them at least a few games to actally play hockey to see where it stands. He wants to copy the New Jersey Devils. Not a bad theory, really. We don't have the NJD, but some of the peices are there, if they work together. Let them play!

Because, you have to realise, that you have no choice in the matter. Your only choice is to cheer for a different team. (Which for me is no choice at all, sadly.)


  1. What's shocking is how so few people grasp the whole scope of what's going on. I don't know if I do either, but I at least try to see how one decision affects another.

    People are upset because the Habs are still lacking a big #1 centerman. "Gainey should have signed one with all that cap space he had!" The point that eludes most is that there were no big centers available to be signed. I'm not sure how many people realized this, but Gainey signed the top scoring free agent from 08-09 available this year (Cammaleri), as well as the #8 scorer among free agents (Gionta). It should also be noted that he let the 6th, 10th, 20th and 23rd top scorers walk.

    He also signed the 3rd ranked scorer among free agent defensemen (Spacek), while letting the #29th ranked go (Komisarek).

    While I don't agree totally with all of the moves Gainey did, the team has gotten younger, and better at 2-way hockey.

  2. I think a lot of people are still in shock about all the changes. I know I am. I'm total shock that pretty much all of the guys who made me love this team are gone. I think this is what's creating a lot of negativity about this new team. It's easy to just say "let go of the past" but it's not quite that simple. We've grown attached to the players. And to see all of them go just like that... It's hard. I think the attitude will change once we get the season underway and we've seen these guys on the ice. At least I hope so anyway.

    Then again... if he's trying to turn this team into the Montreal version of the New Jersey Devils, I might have a problem with that... I watch the Devils if I want to go to sleep (seriously).

  3. Yeah, I took a look at the Free Agent market in previous posts;

    part 1 and part 2.

    Basically, there really were slim pickins. The biggest Center available in march was Franzen; and Detroit wrapped him up. Some hot wingers, but big price tags -- and wingers score when they have good centers. Unless they are Ovechkin :)

    I feel exactly the same way most fans, and Pierre McGuire does. This is not my team! I bloody hate Gomez! Hated Gomez? I don't even know!

    Can Cammelleri get the goals without Iginla? Can Gionta light it up again? Will Gomez hit his potential, or be doomed to be another sub-20g scorer as a first line center?

    I hear the outcry... I feel the outcry! I was totally stoked about the 2007/08 Habs. Finally a youth movement paying off, Habs heroes on the bench... all coming together... and now this. Who the hell are these guys?

    I miss them already. It sucks. I still hold a candle in the window for Tanguay and Koivu, even though I know they probably are not returning. even Schneider.

    But the deals are done. Box the old jerseys, go buy a new set of shirts, get the team photos signed, because its ancient history. Done deal.

    Maybe like a band-aid being ripped off -- it sure stings, and you miss the comfort of what you know, but the fresh air is what really fixes things.


  4. Oh, I should add that ripping the band-aid off can also lead to infections. hahahaha