Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saku to Kalifornia

Looks like our Fearless Leader has managed to find himself a new nest; Saku is now a Anaheim Duck!

I think this is great news -- he'll be re-united with Teemu Selanne, play with Scott Neidermayer, and have a chance to bolster a young(ish) team. Plus, its almost as far from Montreal as possible, so he should get some relief from the press. Maybe.

That being said -- think he's gonna be a first line center? Hell no. Getzlaf is a big, angry young, talented first line center. And now Saku can play the 2nd line / 3rd line role, wherever he is needed.

So really Saku is finding a spot that we hoped he'd find on the Habs -- but without a Getzlaf, Staal, Malkin, Lecavellier, etc... Saku's giant heart simply had no place to fill here on the East coast.

Hyvä Menestys Saku Koivu!!

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