Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting Into The Rink Against A Pitbull

Well we have quite the unlikely matchup; seeds 7 and 8 duking it out for a shot at the title. This seems more like a 'Consolation Final' than the real deal, but rest assured, its as real as that lump on the back of my neck. (small joke)

So we have 'The Homer Simpsons' vs. The Pitbulls. The team that takes it in the teeth until the opposition gets tired, then pushes them over, against the team that doesn't get tired. I have to give the advantage to Philly on this one -- which pains me so deeply, because the thought of Philly getting to the finals just makes me so sad.

I know most Habs fans wanted Boston to roll into town. Nostalgia and all that jazz; I mean, are the playoffs even really valid if Montreal doesn't play Boston? But considering 1993, most Habs fans probably wanted to see Toronto roll into town instead of Wayne Gretzky the Kings... and look how that turned out.

Well, let the fans do all the worrying so the team can play hockey. Another big angry mountain to climb, this time with more hidden dangers than obvious ones.  I'm glad we have such cool headed players as we do... because I'm freakin' out over here.

Go Habs Go.

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