Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phili Frustration

Its one thing to lose. Its another to get embarrassed.

In games 1 and 2, the Canadiens were embarrassed. Chased out of Philidelphia without a goal, mocked, beaten and left for dead, this Montreal Miracle team looked about as tough as a brown paper bag left out in the rain.

But they gave us their best in game 3. You could say Phili played poorly; I say the Canadiens played great! They dug deep and brought out the fire -- one last time it seems. By the end of game 3 you could tell the lads were running out of juice.

Come game 4: still a do-or-die. It's a sleepy Saturday afternoon, the ice is soft and the puck is rolling. And the Canadiens needed to bring the fire -- but all they had left was smoke. A cautious start turned to the Flyer's favour as the Orange built momentum, and the Bleu Blanc Rouge burned out.

There was no reason to get frustrated after Giroux's goal. The Flyers were bound to score; but Subban's attempt at 'getting something going' was just simmered in wrong sauce, and no one was left to catch Leino (?!) whose's breakaway move was "be taller than the goalie, and fall on him." (seriously though, it was a good playoff style goal.) Subban had an aweful afternoon. But he's new; the veterans on and behind the bench should have been able to settle him down.

The Habs generated their pressure with 10 minutes left in the game; far too late against a shick brit house like the Flyers.

The keys to victory sound simple: get to the puck first, make them pay for every inch on defence. But it seems that the Habs burned up the last of their fumes on Thursday. It wasn't a bad game on Saturday, despite the score, but certainly nothing that is gonna make Philidephia think twice.

And now our brave soldiers have to go back to the Dungeon to be tied to a rack and torn limb from limb by crazed Flyers fans, frothing at the mouth. A tough way to go for a team that battled so well.

Here's hoping they find a reserve tank. Here's hoping there is some fight left in this warrior. Here's hoping we can get 1 more game at the Bell Centre, to properly thank these players for such a wonderful playoffs.

Go Habs Go!

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