Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winning Game 7

Out-scoring the most lethal offense in the league.
More composure than the Stanley Cup champs.


For the first 30 minutes, I have never seen Pittsburgh play worse hockey. The Canadiens played well; they were aggressive and certainly finished their chances. But Pittsburgh was completely weak on defence; bad passing, scared to shoot... they came out so flat, its incredible! I had Pittsburgh winning this series, and even this game... but I certainly did not count on Malkin, Gonchar and everyone else in Black to come out so slow and flat. In the second half, the Habs were tired ans spent, so... Queue Halak! Amazing saves!

A little story for you. I was worrying about this game all day -- completely convinced Pittsburgh would win, but I couldn't help but start thinking 'what if...'  Then at lunch, I paid for my $8 lunch with a $10, and got back a Montreal Canadiens Centennial loonie. This is only the second one I have ever seen in Toronto.

Its as if the fates were saying -- don't worry, you Twit, everything will be Ok....

So. We're 1/2 way there, and we have got to be the favourites to take the East, despite not ever having home ice advantage. The next series will be much different... and I hope our boys are up to it.


Go Habs Go!

PS: did anyone see Syd's post-game interview? I feel bad for him. Obviously upset at the loss, he really came off as a sore loser. I clicked over to another channel to watch the whole thing and he certainly composed himself later on... but dang! Complaining about the refereeing? Critisism about the Habs "gameplan" and Halak's play? Never heard that from a player before, especially a Captain.  But then I don't think its fair to jam a mic in a guy's face after a game, so you can toss the whole thing.

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