Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Win...

There is an old recipe to winning playoff series...
  1. Your stars have to win one for you
  2. Your grinders have to grind one out for you
  3. Your goalie has to steal one
  4. You gotta get lucky
I'd say, after Game 4, that Pittsburgh had gotten 1&2 covered. They won game one by goals from their 3rd line, while Crosby and Malkin were held off the score sheet. Game 3 Pittsburgh and Montreal played a very similar style, rushing defence, and Malkin was the difference.

Montreal, on the other hand, had 3&4 covered. In game 2 Halak played an amazing game to get the victory (note that the defence has to be a big part of a goalies steal.) Then game 4 the Habs got 2 lucky goals for the win... So they got that covered.

Game 5 - well, I thought Fleury finally stepped up and made some outstanding saves to earn the victory. So Pittsburgh has all the requirements to win the series.

Montreal, on the other hand, has run out of tricks. They need a game where Cammelari and Gionta et al. get out there and score their goals, same as in Game 2. And they need Moore and Moen and Laps to have a stellar game and steal one from Pittsburgh. in both these scenarios the rest of the team has to playing as hard as they have been to date.

Pittsburgh just has to play their game, and maybe get lucky to win. But if the Canadiens don't find some offence, if they don't bury that puck, then all things being even Pittsburgh will win.

Oh well, never know what's gonna happen. The Canadiens haven't won if I haven't been watching, I missed the game on Saturday for a wedding and won't see the game Monday because of my own hockey game -- so I am expecting the worst but hoping for the best!

Go Habs Go! Go Bell Centre Go! If Monday is our last game, let's make it a game no one will soon forget!! 

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