Sunday, May 16, 2010


Call it Payback, call it Serendipity, call it what you will, but now Habs fans know how Capitals and Penguins fans feel. You have all these high expectations for your team, and they come out flat as a crepe.

The Canadiens came out scared; scared to take a hit, scared to miss a pass, scared to lose. As a result they were tight as a rusty engine bolt on a 76 Chevy, and couldn't do anything right.  This wasn't the team that earned their place in the Eastern Finals, this was the team that scraped their way into the playoffs ... with a stick up their arse.

Leighton was never challenged. Everything was kept to the outside. Always second to the puck, or no puck support on the turnovers. And stupid retaliation penalties. A very frustrating game to watch, and no doubt play.

Philadelphia sat back, caused quick turnovers in their zone, and punished when they got their chances - just like Montreal did in the first 2 rounds. Except Leighton, looking like a slug in net, never had to bail out his team.

Martin was right to pull Halak - he had no help out there, no point in frustrating him. Price couldn't stop anything, but it sure is tough walking into a game like that.

So on to the next game! Too bad we dropped one, but there is still lots of hockey to play. And the score doesn't matter; only the W's do.

How do we beat them?
  1. Play hockey. Don't be afraid of the puck, don't take cheap shots. You can't intimidate Phily with late hits or wayward slashes; so stop trying. Stop worrying about it and play the game.
  2. Loosen up, but stay focused. Get the determination back to not let Phily have their game, or have their shots. Keep it simple, and take advantage when Phily finally cracks.
  3. Get over it. Phily is gonna hit you. They are gonna crash the net. They are gonna play like a bunch of brick-shit-houses. Stop trying to out-cheap-shot them, focus on your game style that got you to the finals, and drive it home.
  4. No Fear. These guys are not the Monster Under the Bed. They are just a hockey team. Stop buying into their marketing brochure. 

Go Habs Go.

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