Thursday, May 6, 2010


There is no questioning the Ref's were playing for Pittsburgh tonight. Sometimes Canadiens fans can get a blinded; its part of the 'passion' that goes with the team. Sometimes the crowd freaks out over nothing, and sometimes the crowd freaks out over a missed call, but the refs are playing loose; so fairs fair.

Tonight was not that. There was a missed tripping/interference call on Subban for the first goal, and a couple non-calls on the Kunitz goal. I saw it, the Bell Centre saw it, the announcers saw it, the dog outside saw it. And its really frustrating to be an under-dog and not get a fair game from the refs.

In the 3rd things changed a bit, the Habs got a few make up calls and the Refs stopped calling all the Pen's dives... and the hockey Gods did the rest.

Did the Habs get lucky? You bet. The first goal was lucky. The winning goal was definitely lucky. But the Pens couldn't beat the Habs fairly, so the only legitimate goal won the game!

So: series back on! I still think Pens are the better team -- if they beat us clean, so be it. But the Habs are giving them a hell of a go, and let's hope we get at least 2 more great games!!

Go Habs Go!!

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