Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Agent Market pt.2

The Revenge of the D-man...

Anyhow, this is a follow up to my post on Free Agent Market posted a few weeks ago; and a little bit in response to this interesting article at The Hockey News.

My Source.

#2 need: Defense?
You better believe it. Although thankfully we have Markov locked up until 2011/2012, there are some 'identity' players that are UFAs: Komisarek, Bouillion, Brisebois, Schneider, and Dandineault. Gorges and O'Byrne are also locked down, but have proven they are not quite ready to be backbones of a team; still solid defenseman, but not gonna work the Power Play or take out top lines and dangerous forwards.

And it would be nice if we could dump Hamrlik, dude makes almost as much as Markov and plays like Brisebois.

So the Habs need a strong defenseman who can move the puck, work the offensive zone, and play some sort of defense. Yeah, like Streit or Souray. Stop rubbing it in.

I like Komisarek and hope he stays, and finds his game: but if The Hockey News is right, someone might pay that guy $6 million. Zowee! And he doesn't solve the offense problem.

So, who's out there?

Teir 1
  • Niedermayer, Scott - As if. but wouldn't that be a coups...
  • Bouwmeester, Jay - Of course! Yes Please! Problem is competition will be high for this guy, he might get signed to a 9-yr contract or something. I doubt Montreal would compete with that. Too bad.
  • Bergeron, Marc-Andre - this would be a good snag. He seems to be coming into his own now, is getting points, and coming from Minnisota will know how to play defense. $3-$5M would be a major step up for him, and affordable to Montreal.
  • Zubov, Sergei - Better him than Hamerlik -- but he has been injured the last 2 seasons. He's also 38.
  • Schneider, Mathieu - (amoung others) Although powerful on the power-play, his give-aways are as epic as his shot. I love the guy, but he might not be a good fit at $5M.
  • Ohlund, Mattias - I've never really been a fan, but all the numbers are right. I think he would fit very well with Markov -- it would be a bit of a steal, too. Only 32
Teir 2
  • Beauchemin, Francois - pretty good D-man, played with Schneider and Pronger in years past... but no offensive threat here. Also looks like he ends up on the minus side.
  • Numminen, Teppo - Oldy van Moldy at 40; but cheap at $1M. I'd have to say no.
  • Spacek, Jaroslav - Not a lot of points for this guy, not a power-play guy, and seems to be hurt a lot. pass
  • Aucoin, Adrian - Kinda in the same league as Spacek; second line D-man.
  • Leopold, Jordan - again, numbers are not that impressive, and looks like a minus player.
  • Sydor, Darryl - at $2.5M, this would be an interesting catch. Played for Dallas, which means Gainey might be interested. Not a real point getter, but did win a Stanley Cup.
  • Mara, Paul - I dunno about this guy; never been sold on him. He could replace Komisarek, if we can't resign him. Not a point getter.
  • Kukkonen, Lasse - going KooKoo for Kukkonen? Full points on the name: but he hasn't played a full season yet -- injury prone? No thanks.
  • Boucher, Philippe - not bad when he played for the Stars, but seems to have lost a step. Wouldn't be a bad replacement for Bouillion or something, if we can't resign them.
  • Scuderi, Rob - not a goal scrorer, but solid on D with a plus rating on a team not known for its defense. And fairly young; this wouldn't hurt the team.
  • Blake, Rob - too old. Wouldn't come out here anyhow.

So, I gotta go with Mattias Ohlund, Marc-Andre Bergeron, and Jay Bowmeester. Young, top of their game, thinking defensemen with a nose for the net. The rest are just plug-and-play replacements -- I don't see any real hidden talents in here, and I don't see anything that the Habs could develop.

Markov - Bowmeetser/Ohlund/Bergeron
Komisarek - Bouillion
Gorges - O'Byrne

oh yeah, Hamrlik. I guess.

Thats not a bad line-up!


  1. Not that I have a personal vendetta against Breezer or anything but I'm thinking that just about anyone would be an improvement over him.....*sighs* it's too bad players can't be as good as their names. If that was the case I'd take Teppo Numminen for sure. Who wouldn't want a guy called that on their team? =p

  2. I agree. If we could pick players based on the quality of their names, life would be easier. Like the Islanders right now.

    Breezer is most likely done. But who knows how desperate the MTL GMs can get. Better a crappy defenseman who at least cares about the team, then a crappy defenseman who doesn't.