Monday, April 27, 2009

2009/2010 Habs: if I were GM

Not that I'd want the job; oh-no. What a crazy mess that would be. But before the experts get cracking on taping the shambles back together and seeing if they can strike gold, let me have a crack!

Again with this guy? Yes. I love this player. And his big star power is what the city needs. Lets get him! But at what price? There's the rub. What would it take to pluck the feather in TB's hat, after they out-bid us 2 years ago when VL was a UFA? I say give him Halak, Plekanecs, maybe Hamrlik or Gorges. 3-for-1 deal, a capable goalie (which they are desperate for) and some D-help. Hamrlik started in TB I think, so send him back. More on Gorges and Pleks later...

Sign Komisarek if you can. Yeah, Lucic treated him like a hump-pillow this year, and he kinda lost his mojo there for a while... but I think a good summer off will make him stronger and more focused. He is fast enough to keep up with the "new NHL" -- but mean enough to punish the other teams top lines. Anyhow, a tough year only makes you stronger.

Tommy K
Trade 'im. Honestly, he has a solid heart and soul, plays hard, great work ethic. Trade him. Not because I don't like any of these things -- but we have other players with the same talents. And when the chips were down, he didn't step up. He is not a leader, he is not a gritty goal scorer, and not even the kind of forechecker that creates chances. If we can wrap him up with some of the other trade bait, we gotta move him. If not, well, he certainly isn't going to hurt the 3rd line...

Higgins, Lapierre, Latendresse
Keep 'em! These guys are starting to come into their own. They've all got some scoring talent, aren't afraid to grind out the puck, and love to compete. I hope Higgins stays, and they stop trade rumours around the guy.

D'Agostini, Max Pac, Weber, Stewart
Again, great young talent coming up through the ranks, keep them around and play them. Through 82 games, try and give them spots on different lines and roles to see where they excel. Combined with the other sophmores / young guys on the team, there is a good core here to rebuild that winning culture. But really, they have to be given the chance to score and contribute.

Halak, Plekanecs, O'Byrne, Gorges
I have no particular issues with any of these guys (except O'Byrne, he sucks so far). Since the UFA market is thin, these are the victims you can trade to make the team better. Halak is a god goalie, when he gets to play. Plekanecs can be deadly on the PK, and has proven he is a speedy forward. Gorges is certainly becoming a good defenceman... sell this to a team who needs it, and try and make some blockbuster trade happen. Please don't give them away for lesser or equal value; Halak for Telqvist or something. That doesn't help anyone.

Don't get me wrong, I like these guys; but I can certainly live without them if it means getting some real big names or talent into the lineup.

The UFAs: Lang, Tanguay, Kovalev, Koivu
We'll never win with Koivu as a first line center. If he can use that massive heart of his to become a great 3rd line center, then we should keep him. If we can land a youner superstar first line center, then he might survive as a 2nd line center. As for Lang, he played really well, but is one year older, and I have questions about his leadership qualities and resolve. Do we really have room for another aging center? Tanguay can be brilliant, but after 10 games he has a tendency to disappear. Kovalev is a mystery. When he plays well he can sure make a game interesting... when he doesn't want to play there is nothing more frustrating. Can Kostitsyn fill his goal scoring shoes?

Not to mention the fact maybe we go get Bowmeester, Beachemin, Afiniganov, Cole, Havlat, Hossa (ha!), Gaborik, Gionta, Madden, or the Sedins (haha!).

Talking time is over. My 2009/2010 Montreal Canadiens would be:
Lecavellier / Higgins/ Kostitsyn / Latendress / Lapierre / D'Agostini / Max Pac / Stewart / Koivu / UFA point-getter / Tommy K with hands / old-and-crusty.
(Can round this out with Metropolit and I guess Laraque, although I'd never play him).

on D:
Markov / Komisarek / Boullion / Gorges / Schneider / Dandenault / Weber

in Net:
Price / Denis (or some version of Mauge / Huet / Hackett)

And we'd win one million Stanley Cups!

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