Monday, March 16, 2009

Free Agent Market

Since I am bored of the 2008/2009 season, and there is no news from the front today, I thought I'd take a look at the 2009 Free Agent market, and dream a bit in technicolor of what might be for 2009/2010 -- considering the Habs have a boat load of signings to do.

My Source.

#1 need: "Big First Line Center"
Gotta get Koivu off the first line. He is just getting punished out there, despite his big heart. Tanguay and Koivu click well, no doubt, but still Koivu has been failing to finish lately. And in his own zone, he is being easily out-muscled. So..
  • Todd Bertuzi - big, ugly, mean... but past his prime. I doubt he'd be a fit.
  • Johan Franzen - Tempting! Big, loves to go to the net, and seems to have discovered his scoring touch. Fortunately he is also not scoring 50 goals a year, so might come at a reasonable price
  • Robert Lang - He was good for the team this year, despite my grumblings.
  • Doug Weight - at 38, is much too old.
  • Nick Antropov - please Lord no. no no no no no no nein no.
  • Mike Comrie - is too small. And will probably resign with Ottawa
  • Jeremy Roenick - can you imagine? BWAAAA AHAHAHAHA. (see Doug Weight)
  • Jason Krog - I'll would love to see a Krog in the lineup for the Habs; full points for the name. Too bad he is no 1st line C
  • Henrik Sedin - No. Don't like these Sedins.
  • Mats Sundin - Been there, done that. As if.
  • Sergei Federov - Another Russian? I don't think he'd be the spark the team is looking for. Besides, he's 39 -- and probably very happy in Washington.
  • Viktor Kozlov - Another puck dangling super-talented player, with no taste for driving the net. Pass.
And thats it. There are a couple Restricted Free Agents we could try and weasle for, but thats not really a smart play (we aren't that desperate, are we? For another gamble?). Look's like Johan Franzen is the best available Center out there. He would certainly be an interesting fit, and one I would welcome -- but I'm sure a lot of teams would like to have him. Further, he has a good thing in Detroit; they would probably like to keep him, so he might not even make it to July 1st.

Gee, that was depressing. I thought it was going to cheer me up.


  1. That's one terrible list of centres...did not realize it was so bleak. Be awesome if the Habs snap up Antropov :) Someone will pay high for Franzen, leaving Antro the logical pursuit for the Habs :) hahahaha

  2. Wow...that's a rather bleak list. I'd take Henrik Sedin, but I'd want the other one too because they seem to only play really well together. Then again, those twins really creep me out for some reason so maybe they better stay in Vancouver.... If the Wings don't take Franzen back then someone else is going to offer him a boat load of money so we can nix him.... Now if only we could magically take five years off of Lang, then I'd take him back in a second. He bugged me a lot for no reason but he did well with the Habs until his injury.