Friday, February 27, 2009

3rd Line C revolving door

So I saw Gainey got Glen Metropolit off waivers, probably as a "3rd Line Center." This continues the pattern of aging players taking on this key stabilizing role: Radek Bonk, Bryan Smolinski, and now Glen.

When we got Robert Lang at the beginning of the year (after finally giving up on Mats Sundin) I was a little surprised, knowing that Gainey liked, and had good success, with .. um ... "players past their prime" playing that 3rd line C role. They don't have to score, but they do have to shutdown the other team. And if they get a few, so be it.

Lang didn't fit the profile: he was old, but never a defensive force. And sure enough Lang became an offensive force, and was not expected to do anything in that 3rd line center position.

So Gainey has gone back to his roots with Metropolit. I think he'll fit in, but honestly I don't really remember him. I know he played in Boston, I remember the name and seeing him, but I can't tell you what kind of player he is -- but I do know what kind of player I expect.

Big picture: looks like Gainey traded Begin for Metropolit and a big defenceman (career minor leaguer, to prop up the Bulldogs). I'm ok with that; but it looks less likely now that there will be a big move by the deadline.

The CH are certainly an interesting collection of players, if not really a team you would consider a 'contender'.

Update: fans in the twitter-sphere are saying Metropolit is a big face-off guy. So that fits with the stabilizing role; lets hope these foundations bear fruit, and let the talent score. sore. soar. whatever. anyhow, check out tricoloreca.

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