Friday, February 20, 2009

What's the Big News?

La Presse is reporting that it had some huge, shocking devastating news with regards to the Montreal Canadiens... so what was it?

My French isn't perfect, but apparently Andre and Sergei Kositsyn were cozy friends with a bit of a gangster (Hells Angels) Pasquale Mangiola. The story says the cops have many tapes of phone calls between the three, and that they hung out in the bars and clubs together, and Mangiola was around the Bell Centre 'back stage' and such.

Allegedly the Kostitsyn's went through Mangiola whenever they needed something; vodka, luxury cars, or sexy ladies (oo-la-la!). Mangiola either had their credit cards, and bought stuff for them, or helped them get credit cards and then bought stuff for them (that part I'm not clear about).

At any rate, it really seems like Mangiola was "taking care" of the brothers K, and that they went to him for everything they needed. Apparenlty Hamrlik also liked the sound of this, and was beginning to rely in Mangiola in the same way.

Oh yeah, and Mangiola was busted in a cocaine smuggling operation... so... that's bad...

As of yet, the Kostitsyns (and Hamerlik) have not been implicated in anything.

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