Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dad Says "Party's Over!"

Like kids in a basement being too rambunctious, Dad came down, raised his voice, and flicked the lights on and off. He called some of the kids' parents to come pick them up, and settled the rest of the group down.

Gainey rolled in like thunder today, and like a strong father figure layed out some discipline, harsh but fair. The message is simple: you have embarrassed me, you have let me down, and your dicking around stops here. The coaching staff and the organization are bigger than you, so smarten up!

Honestly, I thought Kovy should have "had an upper body injury" a while ago, take a few days off, but was hoping with the small shake up he'd respond. Looks like Father Gainey wasn't interested: there is no faking this, dude is benched. Not even in the press box. OUCH!

The audio interview is hilarious, and definitely the euphemism of the year. Listen to it here, of course: habsinsideout.com.

Personally, I think its awesome.

Personally, I really hope it works. I want to see Kovy back, and I want to see Sergei back aswell, playing their best.

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