Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trade rumour: Kovalev for Jordan Staal?

Ok, I made it up. But here is the rationale:
  1. Both are under performing
  2. Habs needs a big 3rd line center, and need some youth back.
  3. Pens need a veteran, and someone to score off Crosby's passes so malkin can go back to a different line
  4. a-la-Schneider, Kovalev has played in Pittsburg, and might mesh well with the young super star Malkin
So, there. Perfect trade. Thoughts?


  1. I think Kovalev would be a great fit in Pittsburg, but cannot see them giving up Staal to get him, given Kovalev could walk at the end of the year. Pens are still crying bloody murder over the Hossa deal and how he left.
    It's interesting but if I was the GM in Pittsburg, and I am pretty sure I should be, I'd tell you where to go :)

  2. Fair enough. I forgot about the Hossa debacle. I was also thinking that Staal was having such a bad year, they might be willing to give him away. I think I drank too much at lunch.