Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A (more) Sober Reflection

Ok, I shook off the haze of the fact Montreal actually made a trade I liked and would like to provide a more sobering look at Matt Schneider.

He brings a successful veteran presence and a known Hab back to the fold; but at 39, he is not going to replace anyone (which is a good thing). It will take some time for him to fit into the current system (is there a current system?) and get used to his mates; so I don't expect magic from him for at least a week. Hopefully he can take some pressure off Komisarek and Gorges, who are playing well, but shouldn't play like the world is on their shoulders.

Markov and Hamerlik still need to pick up their games. Markov should still be considered the #1 D-man, and the foundation of the defence. Markov is still the future of this club on D, and at 39 Schneider cannot replace Markov. Hopefully this addition does not (continue?) to knock Markov off his game (He's definitely off his game now, I'm hoping he settles).

As far as leadership, again, I hope Kovalev doesn't feel pushed out. This team, with all its young Russians, thrives when Kovalev is leading. Ideally getting Kovalev another "all-star" to play with helps him step up and puffs his chest a bit.

I hope this doesn't turn into what happened with Stephan Ritcher, or Turgeon, or all the other Habs who come back to the rink: they struggle early, the press hounds them, they lose heart, and plop. Another one in the porcelain bowl. I've seen it happen a lot; I'm hoping we don't see it here.

I'm a big fan of Schnieder (surprise!) and am really hoping he can help the other players get their groove.

Also, looks like Gainey felt bad for breaking poor Boone's spirit, and listened to him. I give Mike Boone full credit :)

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