Monday, February 16, 2009

Habs Aquire Schneider, I crap myself with happiness

TSN and of course The Gazette are reporting my dream trade: Montreal Canadiens (re)Aquire Mathieu Schnieder.

Back in the summer I was hoping beyond hope that Gainey would pick up Schneider; instead he ended up in bogus Atlanta, and we landed Robert Lang. I thought it was way bad; but I'll eat my own medicine, Lang turned out pretty good. But the loss of Souray and Streit really had me digging for Schneider.

Lets review:

  • Was a Hab for 1993 cup. (1987-1995)
  • Played amazing in Detroit w/ Lindstrom (I know, he helped me win my hockey pool).
  • Despite being 2nd tier defence in Anaheim, still got the points.
  • Provides the Habs with veteran MONTREAL experience, and experience from the best system currently active in the NHL (damn you Detroit).

Geez, he's already on the Montreal Canadiens Website!

I honestly thought that after the summer we'd never get him. But I am stoked he's back. Hopefully he fits in and really makes the difference we need him to.

This is the f**king Catalina Wine Mixer!
This is f**king Matt Schneider!

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