Saturday, February 28, 2009

MTL v PHI Game Summary

What a great win! 4-3 in OT, as the reports will tell you.

I unfortunately missed the start of the game, but did catch the last half. D'Agostini I noticed had a big game, and in general the CH where able to deal with the physical play of Philadelphia very well. Niittymaki played a good game, and has every right to be pissed with the loss.

Kovalev was getting mashed around, but there he was, 3-on-3 at the end, pulling a neat move to get some space, then laying a wonderful pass to Schneider, who finally tried a wrister instead of his slapshot; and it payed off. (Not that his slap shot was bad, just that Niittymaki had it tuned.)

Brisebois had a tough game, and we were lucky to get the penalty on little Stevie Upshall at the end -- don't expect that call in the post season. Not a lot of love the the Breezer tonight, lets see what he brings tomorrow (if anything).

What I saw was that the Habs were playing Ok, Halak was once again solid and in the zone, aggressively after the puck and reacting well to each shot (without over anticipating). Great game again for him. But Philly really had the better chances in the last half -- and I'd really like to see Montreal's offence kick it up a bit. They are working the puck well, but the scoring chances are not that dangerous.

Or maybe it just seems that way because everytime I saw Gagne skate in with Carter or Richards I had a Halak-Attack.

Anyhow, great win, and tomorrow's game should be fun.

And my fellow twitter-bug, twitter-tonian, twi... nevermind. Tricoloreca is gonna twit the games en francais -- and he called the winning goal! I am still trying to find my style, but that's for another post.

Till tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the name calling! Hahaha..

    It was nice seeing your updates all game long. I was doing the same, but with less of a following. Now that it's increasing, I will do it more and more.

    Let's keep up the chatter though. Tomorrow, I'm having friends over, so it will be more difficult to keep up. Gotta entertain, ya know. :-)

  2. I think its probably better to entertain your live friends then the virtual ones :) Have a great party, should be a great game!