Friday, February 20, 2009

MTL v PIT L 5-4 summary

Ok, I missed the game live because I was out enjoying some beers. Looks like Plekanic had a big game! And that was cool, and Schneider got another PP goal (yeah, 5-on-3, but if you knew the Habs record 5-on-3 to date it almost makes it more impressive). So positives again... but...

Zut Alors I am disappointed! I really wanted this crap session to end with a positive! A proper Win! Everything was in place, except... habs lost.

I'll let more clever people then I tear apart the players, coaches, GM, ghosts, pucks, refs, sahdes of the moon and whatnot. I just give up -- can't see it anymore. Maybe its the sacrifice Lafleur was talking about, but I dunno -- 4 good goals and you still lose...

  • Plekanic had a good game
  • Schneider continues to be the big presence Gainey wanted.
  • Price lets in another 5 goals; despite looking pretty good in net. I gotta blame the skaters on this one, not that it helps any. Press will focus on the kids numbers.
  • F@#k Hamerlik. Press box that bitch and put Brisebois back in. If benching Kovalev doesn't help that guy, maybe a few games off will. Not that it needs to be so dramatic as all that.
My predictions were way wrong. Looks like I was an idiot on this one. Damn, what a let down.

Update: just checking the stats: Hamrlik, Higgins and D'Agistini were -3... but my main man Schneider was -4! booo! ... ah screw it, I still think Hamrlik sucked the worst.

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