Friday, February 27, 2009

MTL v PHI - Predictions

Well, I was happy to see the win against Ottawa, and didn't get a chance to write down my predictions for the Vancouver game. I think the team is feeling pretty good about itself right now, but Philly seems to have found some steam of their own.

This one is hard to call -- but I'm gonna go with:

  • Montreal LOSE 5-4
  • Schneider gets another point on the Power Play
  • Briere has a big game (he's back, right?)
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Habs squeek out a W

Sorry, this one is just too close for me to get a real feel for. I do hope the CH can win, but they are going to have to have a strong game.

Update: Looks like Briere and Biron are out tonight, according to this report. So it looks like the Habs have a good chance of winning tonight. I'd change my prediction, but that wouldn't really be a prediction, would it?

Still, Habs have a good chance tonight. Lets see them pull it off.

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