Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Response...

CBC's Elliot Freedman put together a great article on how Price can get his groove back

All good advice! And a reminder to fans that Price s still 21; and in a town where lighting has struck twice with rookie goaltenders, reality has to be realised that its not really how things work anymore.

Tugnutt said... “He’s not reacting. It’s more like he’s predicting everything. On one play, the puck was down below goal-line, and he’s already on his knees. What’s he doing?

“Players can anticipate a few plays ahead. Wayne Gretzky was such a great player because he could always go where the puck is going before it got there, but for goalies that doesn’t happen because it can make you look bad.”

This is by far the most accurate observation. At first Price was trying too hard to make the save, and not reacting but predicting. Even in my crummy beer league where I play, that's the worst mistake I can make. Then in Edmonton, Price tried changing his style to be more like Tim Thomas -- big mistake. Price has never been a scrambly goalie, and it showed -- he looked like a first timer out there.

I believe the only mistake Gainey has made as GM was trading Huet. Huet was like Price; plays best when he is cool, unshakable, and relaxed. If Price ever struggled, he could look to the play of the veteran -- and they could feed off each other. Now there are rumours of getting Giguere for the playoffs; and sure, the reasoning is sound (doubt they can get him now though) but its a backwards move; keeping Huet would have been better. Gainey bet the farm too early on Price; simply because he is still developing.

Look at Fleury in Pittsburgh; took him 3-4 years to settle down and start playing like a real NHL goalie.

Anyhow, good luck kid. In MTL, you're gonna need it.

From Red Fisher at the The Gazette
Yes, Price at 21, is young. He merits some slack, but the last time I looked, a 20-year-old named Steve Mason has an NHL-leading seven shutouts.

I love Red; by far the best hockey writer there is. But this comparison is bogus; you put Steve Mason in a Habs sweater, and he crumbles like a stale cracker. Mason isn't winning any cups or division titles.

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