Saturday, February 28, 2009

SJ v MTL - Predictions

Oh yeah, before I forget - does anyone else find it funny that Philadelphia gave Briere so much money that they can't even play him?

Ok, on with tonight's game. Things are going well in Montreal -- they are winning games, their confidence has returned, players seem to be back on the program, the goaltending is strong and the powerplay is back on. Last night's win in Philly was big; v'ry nace.

But now they are dealing with the biggest monster in the west; San Jose. After watching them properly hand Boston their towels and say -- "shower's that way boys, the men need the ice to play hockey," back a few weeks ago, well, I don't have much hope for a team that got eaten alive out west.

Carbo has a bit of a challenge on his side; does he risk his current "hot hand" getting crushed by a formidable opponent? Or does he throw Price litterally, to the Sharks? Last I heard he is going to go with Jaro. I think this is a good call: he's earned the right to play, he might steal one, and it's a big game. But I'm also pretty sure that if the Habs do their best chum impression, Halak will get the hook pretty quick to save his confidence.

Pluses: Habs got the home advantage, and Joe Thornton has typically disappeared against Montreal. The fans will really have to be a 6th and 7th skater out there tonight.

Minuses: Back-to-back game, and unlike the Habs, when the Sharks shoot, they score. And they can even come back from a deficit aswell; so even if the Habs jump ahead, this won't be over early.

  • Canadiens LOSE 5-2.
  • Price sees some ice-time.
Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • Habs build a giant "cone of ignorance" in front of their net, and stiffle all the offence, ice the puck 300+ times, and manage to commit Grand Theft Win.
  • We see neither Kovalev or Thronton do anything tonight.
Nothing is known before time, which is why you play (or watch) the game... but its gonna have to be an awesome 60-minute performance from the boys in Blue-Blanc-Rouge to get this one: and I've seena lot of strong 1st periods, but not a lot of big 2nd & 3rd periods.

Honestly, I'm stoked to watch this game: it should be good, no matter what!

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