Friday, February 20, 2009

Early Predictions, OTT v MTL

I will be skiing at Gray Rocks tomorrow during the game (although it starts at 3, might get to see it) but I'll drop my predictions now.

So my last post of A Tale of Two Cities, where I mentioned the 2 biggest teams in the East trying to solve their problems in different ways; Pens fired the coach, Habs fired the players (and went shopping). Well, arguably the 3rd biggest flop in the East is Ottawa, and they've done both! New coach, and now, new (returning) player in Mike Comrie. So they have to win, right?

I disagree.

  • The Montreal Canadiens will (explitive deleted) win this game, so help me.
  • Kovalev will get at least 1 point
I Wouldn't be surprised if...
  • The tailspin continues, and
  • The fans riot, tearing the Phone Booth down brick by brick, and re-enact the 1976 season with the various pictures as cutout from around the building while it burns!
I'm bummed I'm missing Hockey Day in Canada with my buddies; normally we camp out at our local bar and get wicked sauced while watching all three games, then celebrate with a feast of Chinese food on Spadina. But skiing is fun too.

Also, I am not endorsing a riot. Don't riot on my account. Do it for yourself. No, wait, don't even do it for yourself.

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  1. Just as an addition, I realise that the Habs typically do not do well on Big Saturday games. So if I was a smart gambler (and I'm not) I'd put my money on the Sens.